Servicing And Repairs FAQs

What types of coffee equipment do you service?

  • All Saeco coffee machines.
  • All Philips bean to cup coffee machines.
  • All Saeco professional equipment.
  • All Saeco vending equipment.
  • MYTHOS bean to cup coffee machines.

How often should I bring my coffee machine for a service?

We recommend servicing your coffee machine at least once a year.

Coffee machines in offices or other demanding environments should be serviced more frequently.

Can I bring my coffee machine during normal business hours?

Yes, no need for an appointment.

Can you collect, service and deliver my coffee machine?

Yes we can. A call-out fee will be charged.

Can you service my coffee machine at my premises?

Yes, provided that..

  • the service/repair location is located within our service area.
  • no essential coffee machine parts are missing.
  • a working power socket is available to test the coffee machine.
  • a water source is close to the coffee machine.
  • the working area is not too small and our technician(s) wont be in the way of other persons or operations.

A call-out fee will be charged.

How long does it take to service my coffee machine?

On average, it usually takes our technicians about 3-4 hours to service a coffee machine. Actual time will depend on a range of factors.

Depending on how busy we are, you will be able to collect your coffee machine after 5-10 business days as we work on a first-in, first-out queuing system. Please collect your coffee machine only when you are notified by us.

How much does it cost to service my coffee machine?

We quote an estimate of R1800.00 excl. Vat. Some coffee machines has more serviceable parts than others. Repair work will cost more.

Will you quote me before you go ahead with any extra repair costs?

Yes, should you not except the final quote, you will have to pay the inspection fee estimated at R550.00.

Why do I have to pay a fee if I should not except the final quotation?

Our technicians are paid for their time and expertise. We cannot continue to provide a service if our technicians cant be paid.